Moxa Heat Pack


These Moxa heat packs are my go to for menstrual pain, bloating or indigestion, back pain, or for comfort on cold days (I like to pop one in my jacket in the winter months)

The heat penetrates much deeper into the body than regular heat packs offering a profound sense of comfort and relief.

When there are a lot of deep pimples on the lower part of someones face and water retention there I often suggest these used on the lower belly to promote blood flow and reduce stagnation. With these symptoms you can try putting your hand on your upper abdomen then on your lower abdomen and you will likely feel that the bottom is noticeably cooler than the top. Acupuncture can be a great remedy for this as can a simple change in diet (often times warming foods and teas can help) as well as a change in how we look at food or how we receive nourishment

The heat packs are activated by oxygen so after a few moments of shaking, the pack is soon warm and ready to use.

One single heat pack can provide over 18 hours of warmth. To get multiple uses from one pack simply place in a ziplock bag or tupperwear container to seal off any oxygen which activates the heat in between uses.

Also effective for arthritis, muscular pain, contusion, sprains and intestinal cramps.

*These packs can reach a temperature of 122-158 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore caution is required. Direct application to skin is not recommended, always wrap in a towel or use over clothes. Any treatment using the moxa heat pack on children, the elderly, or weak patients should be under strict supervision. Avoid exposure to fire, heat source, or use with electric blanket. For external use only. Please note that prolonged exposure to a single body area can cause burns. If you are applying a heat pack to one area for a long time, wrap it in a heavy cotton cloth or towel. I do not suggest sleeping with it as it gets way too hot.

Contains: Mugwort, Iron (Fe), Cellulose, activated charcoal powder, and moisture.


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