24 Karat Gold Acupressure Ear Seeds Kit


This elegant take home acupressure kit includes 24 karat gold plated ear seeds. Kind of like “acupuncture to go”. They can be used for:
– pain
– fertility
– anxiety/insomnia
– concussions
– addiction

Package includes:

20 X gold ear seeds

In TCM we have three somatotropic Microsystems- the tongue, the radial pulse and the ear. The tongue and pulse are used for diagnosis only but the ear is used for treatment. Those three areas are microsystems that represent the whole body. Ie we look at the tongue and can see how the digestion is doing, we feel the pulse and can tell if there’s anger/grief/ back pain etc. For the ear- it’s mapped out and can be stimulated to affect different systems in the body. I frequently use auricular therapy in clinical treatments through needling or placing ear seeds.

Instructions and map on where to place the seeds for – anxiety, fertility, back pain , eczema and insomnia.

For pain, place the seeds on the same side that the pain is on. ie if pain is on the right side, place seeds on the right ear.


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