Qi Beauty Clarity Organic Facial Cleanser


Certified Australian Made – Made With Organics

All Skin Types | Microbiome Support | Barrier Support

Qi Clarity Cleanser is a soothing, made-with-organics formulation rich in anti-inflammatory oils, nutrient-boosting avocado oil and pure Sea Buckthorn to calm and soothe skin. Rich in vitamin A, D and E, Clarity will gently cleanse without the dehydrating effects other cleansers may have.

Qi Clarity Cleanser can be used after the Qi Remove Exfoliant. For total facial clarity, use Qi Remove Exfoliant once a week week for younger skin, every second day for mature skin.

Vitamins: A | D | E
Ingredients: Sea Buckthorn Oil | Sweet Almond Oil | Lavender Oil | Frankincense Oil
Certified Australian Made | Certified Made with Organics

Exquisite aromas of native Australian bush flower extracts combine to make clarity a daily ritual that soothes the senses and invigorates skin.


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