Anti-Age Serum with peptides


Anti-Age Peptide Serum


Elasticity and Collagen Production – Clinical Trial supported ingredients.
menopausal skin | damaged skin | TEWL | skin barrier disorder | impaired skin flora |

Anti-Age is a refined serum designed to reduce the depth and appearance of lines, enhance skin volume, and improve conditions associated with menopausal skin.

The Qi Beauty Anti-Age serum is the Queen Bee of the ActiV88 range.

Each serum contains peptides and active ingredients designed for a specific purpose and function. The Anti-Age was specifically formulated for menopausal skin or skin that is tired, unresponsive or appears to have diminishing bounce and clarity.

Active ingredients in the Anti-Age focus on tightening skin, increasing elasticity and improving texture. The formula is exclusive to Qi beauty, featuring ingredients that are successful in reducing the depth and appearance of wrinkles and lines whilst giving skin an overall clarity.

Featuring: Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapaptide, Tetrapeptide & Althaea Officinalis


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