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Hormone Type: Pale

Pale Hormone Type Symptoms:

  • Pale face, especially lips
  • Light menstrual flow
  • Nailbeds are pale, nails are dry and break easily
  • Often dizzy, especially when I stand up quickly.
  • Short periods (less than 3 days)
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Tired
  • Hair is thin and/or dry; experience hair loss
  • I am a vegan or vegetarian
  • Tight muscles and injure them often
  • Sometimes I miss a period or my period is late
  • My period colour is often pink rather than bright red
  • I get weepy and needy premenstrually.
  • I have dull pain after my period is over

Goals: Goal is to aim at being well nourished; ensuring good blood flow, especially in the pelvic area; and building a good uterine lining.


Congratulations on taking the next step in your hormone journey. My life mission is to empower you to take back your health and hormone through evidenced-based care and encouragement. I help couples get pregnant naturally through time tested modalities so that they can have feel supported and healthy babies. By addressing these underlying imbalances you can start to nourish your hormone in ways that western medicine alone cannot do.


Katie Musicco – Dr. TCM, R.Ac,

Board Certified Acupuncturist

Reproductive Medicine Specialist


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