Virtual Clinic

here to support you & your health goals, no matter where you are.

Chinese Medicine & Wellness

Continue with, or develop new, treatment goals for yourself & your loved ones.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Continue with, or develop new, treatment goals for yourself & your loved ones.

Fertility Support

Find support & learn about fertility in a small group setting with a team of practitioners.

What You'll Get In Your Consultation

Your experience as a Yinova patient starts with a Virtual Initial Consultation, conducted by one of our board-certified Chinese medicine practitioners. They will learn about your health history, discuss your current health challenges, and develop a treatment plan including a combination of acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, nutrition, & lifestyle advice.

A Plan

Actionable & immediate suggestions: acupressure, herbal programs, dietary tips and more

Insights & Education

Learn what your tongue says about your health & what you should do to optimize your wellness


Discuss which Dietary Supplements of herbs may be beneficial. 

Community & Support

Follow-up support as needed, with periodic check-ins following your session

How it works & Getting Started


Schedule Your Call

Schedule your call through our online booking system and pick a time that works for you.



We’ll send you a form to complete ahead of your call. You’ll tell us a bit about yourself, your history with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and send us a picture of your tongue.


Get a plan

After our Initial Session I’ll send you an action plan for the next month and a schedule for our follow up sessions. After review of your intake you’ll get a personalized action plan with tailored supplement, herbal, nutrition and lifestyle suggestions to help you achieve the specific health goal we are working towards on our call.


Book follow up call

After receiving your Initial Consultation you’ll need to book a follow up with in 2-4 weeks to touch on any questions that have come up and tweaks we need to assess.

Topic for Your Virtual Chinese Medicine Wellness Sessions

Potential Topics & Goals

Schedule Your Call

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