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What Hormone Type Are You?

Who doesn’t love a sweet little quiz? It kind of brings me back to those days of Cosmopolitan magazine or Self magazine with those quizzes on intimacy from my teens and early twenties (I was a late bloomer). It was all about SEX and probably how not to get pregnant. Well, this one is all about knowing yourself better to empower you whether you are wanting help with hormonal balance like bad PMS and period pain or fertility support.

In working with couples over the past 12 years, I have found that most women are eager to speed up the process of making a baby to NOW…if, not yesterday. So, by knowing your hormone type, you can narrow in on exactly what you need to optimize your fertility and hormonal health. It isn’t just one size fits all with hormone stuff! Maybe you have been trying to get pregnant for a while or maybe you are just starting out. This quiz is for you. Let me break down the 5 basic types according to Asian Medicine so you can identify which one you are and start eating for YOUR hormone type today.

Thanks for taking the time for this quiz! Your health and fertility are empowered by taking action. If you answered mostly in one of the 5 types, GREAT! If not, don’t worry, as most real-life patients of mine are a combo of two hormone types.  You can determine which is your main type and if you are still needing guidance, get on a free discovery call with me and let’s get it sorted out. Make sure to get your meal plan for your type!

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