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What's Your Fertility Type?

A well functioning menstrual cycle is just as important as our pulse rate, body temperature, respiratory rate and blood pressure for our overall health. This quiz is not only to find out what might be blocking you from getting pregnant but also for those wanting to regulate their cycle for better health, hormones and happiness.

The Fertility Types distill the complexities of Chinese Medicine to the most salient factors for fertility. By taking this simple quiz you can determine whether you are “Dry,” “Pale,” “Stuck,” “Waterlogged,” or “Tired.” Knowing your type lets you focus on just the issues and advice most relevant to you and your situation. By identifying and understanding the subtle signs your body is providing you’ll be able to save yourself time, energy, money, and heartache by homing in on what you most need to be concerned about and addressing it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Please complete this simple but comprehensive questionnaire to find out your fertility type. It may seem long but we encourage you to invest the time to identify the subtle signs that help you understand your fertility.

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