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I'm Katie Musicco

I help women restore reproductive health & regulate their hormones for clearer skin, happier periods, healthier ovaries and optimal fertility.

As a Registered Acupuncturist with a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine, a women’s health specialist and I’m not here to sugarcoat the struggle. I’m here to help you HEAL so that you show up full for your life, family and career.

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Get to the root of your imbalance for better periods, Get Pregnant Naturally, Loose Weight with ease,  and Feel Good all month long!

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Katie is a huge inspiration to everyone she helps. Her knowledge in every aspect of Health and Wellness is only trumped by the passion that she possesses.

I have had many difficult health issues with obstacles, losses, and surgeries. All effecting my body, mind and how it reacts to weight, metabolism etc. Knowing this, Katie has continued to help me try different methods to reach my goal. She goes above and beyond to reach her team members. With her you get a Coach, a Champion and a friend

~ Cristina 

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